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Joining the Ladiha’s Pet Transport newsletter isn’t just about staying in the loop—it’s your gateway to exclusive savings and the latest updates in pet transport services. As part of our community, you’ll receive firsthand access to special offers, insights on pet travel, and updates on our active routes, all designed to enhance your pet transport experience.

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When you subscribe to our newsletter, you tap into a world of exclusive benefits. From seasonal discounts to special promotions, we tailor our offers to ensure your pet’s journey is not just safe but also more affordable. These offers are our way of thanking you for your trust and commitment to providing the best for your pet.

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The world of pet transportation is always evolving, with new destinations becoming accessible and seasonal routes opening up. Our newsletter keeps you informed on all these developments, ensuring you have the latest information to plan your pet’s travel. Whether it’s an international move or a holiday trip, you’ll know exactly what routes are available.

Special Welcome Discount

To welcome you aboard, we’re offering an exceptional discount for our newsletter subscribers: get 250 euros off your first booking! This special discount is our way of saying thank you and to help make your initial experience with Ladiha’s Pet Transport even more memorable. (Terms and conditions apply.)

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Subscribing is easy—just visit our website and enter your email in the newsletter sign-up section. Rest assured, your privacy is paramount to us. We commit to sending only the most relevant and valuable information your way, without overwhelming your inbox.


With every newsletter, we aim to bring you closer to the world of pet transport—a world where your pet’s safety, comfort, and happiness are always the priority. By subscribing, you’re not just getting access to exclusive deals; you’re joining a community dedicated to the best pet travel experiences.

Don’t wait to make your pet’s journey smoother and more affordable. Subscribe to our newsletter today and unlock your exclusive €250 discount on your first booking!


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